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Non-intrusively build apps


A declarative, purely composed GUI library for building cross-platform applications. It's lightweight and powerful.

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Non-intrusive programming model
The UI directly operates data, and data modifications directly drive UI updates, without any intermediate layers and concepts.
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Consistent experience across multiple platforms, and easy to expand to new platforms.

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Declarative syntax and easy to interact
Ribir can interact well with Rust, making your code both a clear view description and a powerful logical expression.
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Point-to-point view update strategy
Compile time generates updates logic of view, no general diff or patch algorithm.

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Developer friendly
  • Compose your widgets safely using types.
  • Just use Rust, without any dependencies.
  • Progressive concepts and pay for overhead only when used.
  • Stateful and stateless can be converted to each other.

Trusted by

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Polestar Chat
A Rust open source cross-platform ChatGPT/Gemini UI (Linux / Win / MacOS).

Frequently Asked Questions

The core framework of Ribir is in a basically stable state, and the API and syntax will be iterated with a cautious attitude. Although the widget library already has many available widgets, it is still in a very rough state, and there will be major changes in each version.